V8 Mobile ISO Microchip Mobile Phone Reader/Scanner

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This Bluetooth Scanner/Reader is one of a kind! A new concept, which associates an RFID reader to any mobile phone that runs on ANDROID. (iOS App now available)
Available in Bluetooth BT2 (BT4 available April 2018). Check IPhone compatability.
With its own battery the reader is completely independent from the phone.
Communication between the reader and the mobile phone is via Bluetooth.
Re-chargeable Lithium Ion Battery
12 Months Warranty
Free Manual & Software available in our Download section

On the rear part of the casing, there is a button that allows for the commissioning of a reader.
By pressing this button, you will be activating the reader and the Bluetooth function.
Activation of the reader results in the blinking of a blue “LED” light on the right side of the device.
On the same right side of the device is a micro USB connector that is used to charge the device, as well as a button that is used to trigger the reading of transponders. The read request can also be made from the phone screen.
Manuals & Software available from our Downloads Section
12 Months Warranty

V8 Mobile Android Phone Case/Bluetooth Scanner
Reads FDX-B, HDX & EM4102 (ISO standard)
Reads: FDX-A
Scanning distance: from 10cm to 16cm (microchip dependant)
L: 173mm, W: 83mm, thickness: 27mm, weight: 160g
Display: Android Application
Operating temperature: – 0° to + 40° (Above 35° Reading distance may decrease)
Power supply: 3.7V lithium re-chargeable battery
Connectivity: Bluetooth & USB
Certificates: CE & FCC