Lifetime Unique Identification Since 1999. 
Durable, Safe and Effective Microchips & Implant Solutions for Dogs, Cats and Companion Animals, Equine, Livestock, Marine, Wildlife, Human & Industrial Applications.

Unique & High Quality

ICAR Certified since 1999 with manufacturer code 965. Using the very highest quality electronic RFID components, designed in Switzerland and manufactured to the most rigorous standards by HID Global.

Lifetime Durability

Designed to last a lifetime our RFID devices are anti-migration, impact and pressure resistant. Providing the very best options for identification in all applications. Available in multiple frequencies and encryption options (124 kHz, 128 kHz and 134.2 kHz)


Benefiting from numerous global patents the design and construction of our products are the result of years of experience and technical know-how. Ergonomic design with new environmentally friendly, low waste solutions.

Available in multiple custom brand formats with Aluminium, Plastic or NFC tags included.







Manufactured and Delivered Worldwide